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When Anthony Ciuzio and Elaine McDonald Ciuzio decided to pursue their dream of a mobile pizza kitchen, they had to decide on a name. Since 'McDonald' was already taken, they went with Ciuzio, but no one could pronounce it correctly! Instead they decided to use the pronunciation of Ciuzio as the name... Q-Z-O!

​QZO Pizza serves up delicious authentic Italian pizza & meatballs to Central Floridians who are looking for the best cuisine.. There are many trying to perfect the Pizza Food Truck experience, but we  have mastered the wood-fired version! And the best part is, we’ll bring it close to your home or work!

The complete experience happens when you and your family show up, so go ahead and follow us online for real-time truck location updates. Come say hi! We can’t wait to meet you & your taste buds can’t wait to meet us.


What are actual customers saying about QZO Pizza?

Robyn:  Best Pizza in Central Florida!

Rebekah:  QZO is phenominal!  You can really taste that everything is homemade!

Jessica:  Wood fired pizza was so yummy.  It was perfectly cooked and great flavor.  We will be going back.

Michelle:  These are great prices!

Bob:  Tell them about your meatballs, they are great

Chris:  Authentic Italian pizza made with quality ingredients.  The pizzas are delicious and light...

Kenneth:  ...I can 100% say we will be back!  Pizza and meatballs were both amazing and they are super nice folks.  High Recommend...

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