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Bringing Authentic Italian Wood-Fired Pizza to Central Florida

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The Ciuzio "QZO" Family Pizza Story

When Anthony Ciuzio and Elaine McDonald Ciuzio decided to pursue their dream of a mobile pizza kitchen, they had to decide on a name. Since 'McDonald' was already taken, they went with Ciuzio, but no one could pronounce it correctly! Instead they decided to use the pronunciation of Ciuzio as the name... Q-Z-O!


​QZO Pizza serves up delicious authentic Italian pizza & meatballs to Central Floridians who are looking for the best cuisine. There are many trying to perfect the Pizza Food Truck experience, but we  have mastered the wood-fired version! And the best part is, we’ll bring it close to your home or work!

Master of the wood-fired oven is Partner and Chef Anthony Jr.  He has over 10 years of experience as a pizzaiolo in Central Florida.  


The complete experience happens when you and your family show up, so go ahead and follow us online for real-time truck location updates. Come say hi! We can’t wait to meet you...and your taste buds can’t wait to meet us.

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